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Adams Pro Tour

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by Adams Pro Tour

Tour Policies
*All policies are subject to change and its the players responsibility to know and understand these policies


The Adams Pro Tour is open to any professional or amateur golfer who is 16 years of age or older.  Amateurs must have a handicap of 5 or less.  Players are assumed to be pro unless otherwise stated on the entry form.  The Adams Pro Tour reserves the right to refuse participation to anyone.


To participate in an Adams Pro Tour event you must have a Player ID and Password. This ID allows players access their player account which contains; player profile information including a picture and 'whats in the bag', tournament receipts and credit card transaction reports. This ID can be used year to year so please keep a good record of your ID and password. Should you loose this information, the Tour office can have it emailed to you.

To obtain an ID and password, you must choose from one of the below membership ID options. 2016 Membership ID's will be accepted starting Dec 15th, 2015. Registration is ONLY done online and memberships are non-refundable after February 28, 2016.

Get a Tour Membership ID: Register HERE 


Amateur players are welcome to participate in Adams Pro Tour events and amateurs in the Top 25 Amateur World Ranking are exempt into the field. NOTE: Only amateurs in the Top 25 AWGR will be allowed to register 9 days prior to the event AND only (2) two spots are provided for world ranked amateurs. All other amateurs, will only be added to a tournament field after the Monday "Early Entry Deadline", nine days before the first round, pending availability.  Additionally, amateurs are ineligible to win any prizes.

Tournament Format

Most tournaments will consist of 72-holes of stroke play (weather permitting). There are a few 54-hole tournaments. Fields will be cut after 36 holes to the top 35% of the starting field, including ties, with a maximum of 50 and ties. Amateurs are included in the cut number. 86 RULE: Any player shooting 86 or higher during the first round will be cut from the field.

Most events are walking, but there will be a few events where carts will be used due to the host course terrain. Pull/push carts are allowed during all tournament rounds, except the Riding Only events.  However, caddies may NOT use pull carts.  During riding only events, the caddy OR the player may ride in the cart, but not both. The Adams Pro Tour officials reserve the right to amend this policy during tournament play should golf course conditions be unfavorable (i.e. wet/saturated areas that may be affected by carts).  All players will be notified of any change prior to the start of a tournament round.

Tournament Fields

Maximum fields for events are 132 before March 12 and 156 there after. Fields at some events may be limited due to format. If the tournament is played on two courses, the field will be open to 168 players. Each field includes two host course players.

Purse Distribution

Checks will be mailed to the player’s address shown on the registration form, unless an alternate address is provided to the tour office by completion of the final round.  No check will be sent unless the tour office has record of player’s Social Security Number or Tax ID.  US Federal Law requires the Adams Pro Tour to withhold 30% of all foreign players’ winnings, unless a US TIN is provided.

Note:  A player must complete all rounds of the event, as played, to recieve a check.  However, should a player need to withdraw after the cut due to family emergencies or medical reasons, he would recieve the last place check.

Payment Policy

MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and debit cards will be accepted through on-line registration.

NOTE:  Debit Cards with daily limits less than total entry fees will not be accepted.

Tournament Entry Procedures

Tournament registration is available through our website under the tournament schedule.  Simply click on the registration button next to the tournament you wish to sign-up for.  Entries will be taken on a first paid basis in the following order of priority:

  • 2017 Members
  • Past Champions 
  • Professional Non Members
  • Amateurs (only after the Monday 'Early Entry Deadline' - 9 days before event)

Note: Should a field fill to 120 PRIOR to the Early Entry Deadline, only Tour members will then be accepted until the Early Entry Deadline (Monday before tournament). See Wait List Proceedure below.

Waiting List Procedure

After a tournament field has reached 120 players, non-members registering will be held on a wait-list with any amateurs. The last spots will be for members only until the Monday 'Early Entry Deadline' (9 days before event). After this deadline, players on the WL will fill the field; non-members first, then Ams until we reach the maximum field. WL entries are dated and placed on the waiting list in the order in which they are received.  Once the maximum field is reached, players will be added in the date order that they registered. If a spot opens in the tournament, players will be added in the date order that they registered with the exception that pros have priority over amateurs.

Withdrawls and No Shows

Withdraws will be accepted for any reason, when notice is given by 5:00 PM on the Friday before the tournament week.  There will be a $50 administrative fee for all refunds.   Players MUST call the tour office at 817-567-3654 to withdraw.  For withdrawals after the Friday deadline, the player will waive his entry fee to the tournament.  Medical and personal withdrawals after the Friday deadline will be evaluated case-by-case and, if accepted, there will be a $100 administrative fee.  The player must submit written documentation to the tour office within 48 hours of withdrawal, and medical withdrawal documentation must be on doctor’s letterhead.  No Shows will NOT receive a refund or credit for any reason.  No refund or credit will be given for any reason once a player has teed off.

Withdrawls for PGA/ Qualifiers

Players who are scheduled to play in an Adams Pro Tour event, but qualify to play in either a PGA or Tour event that same week, will receive a full credit of their tournament entry fee.  Players need to notify the tour office/staff of their desire to transfer their entry to another tournament by 12:00 PM on Tuesday.  If the player wants a refund, there will be a $50 administrative fee.

On-Site Tournament Check-In

Players only need to stop by the Adams Pro Tour trailer to check-in at their first tournament of the year. Tour members will pick up their membership packet at the first tournament they play. Check-in Days/Times:  Tuesday 9a-11a or 2 - 4 PM.

Tee Time Procedure

Official tee times will be posted by 5:00 PM, two days prior to the first round.  Pairings will be posted at the tour trailer, the host golf shop, the tour website, and the tour app.  Tee times are NOT available at the tour office.

Late to the Tee

The player must start at the time established by the Committee.  The tour encourages players to be present on the tee box of their designated starting hole at least five minutes before scheduled tee time.  The Tour encorporates the note under Rule 6-3b, thus if the player arrives at his starting hole ready to play, within five minutes after his starting time, the penalty for failure to start on time is two strokes at the first hole.  After five minutes, the penalty for breach of this Rule is disqualification.  The clocks on the starting tees are the “Official Time”.

Practice Rounds

Official practice round days are 1-2 days before each tournament’s first round and are listed under the schedule of events for each tournament.  The practice rounds are FREE to all participants when walking.  Players will have to pay for a cart, if used, during practice rounds.  Players need to call the host course to arrange tee times.  There will be NO practice rounds available during any pro-am tournament.

Player Attire

Slacks are required during all pro-am tournaments; as well as all tour functions such as junior clinics, shoot-outs, etc.  Slacks are preferred during tournament play, especially during the final two rounds.  However, shorts are allowed.  Shirts are to be tucked in and hats must be worn forward.  Jeans and flip-flops will NOT be allowed at host facilities, unless otherwise posted.  Party attires will be posted weekly based on the local tournament requests.

Message Board

The cork board on the side of tour trailer is the official message center for all events.  The complete field list will be posted along with tournament pairings, schedule of events and current tournament announcements.  Any changes in the format or policy will be posted at the trailer.  All players are responsible for information posted and expected to check the board daily.  If a player’s name is missing from the field he must contact the tour office to correct the mistake; otherwise, he will not be given a tee time.

Rainouts or Extreme Weather Conditions

All decisions for tournaments affected by rain or extreme conditions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the tour officials, host professional and event sponsors.  Any weather shortened tournament is official only after 36 or 54 holes, with tour officials making every effort to complete as many rounds as possible.  Play may be extended an extra day, but not beyond.  No partial rounds will count.  A tournament may be cancelled if 36-holes cannot be completed.

Pro-Am Tournament

The top 35 players on the Money List are required to play in the pro-am tournaments.  The Adams Pro Tour wants to showcase the top players and local tournament sponsors want to play with those players.  Other players may request to play in the pro-am by calling the tour office to be added to the list.  If more than the top 35 players are needed, the Tour Director will choose extra pros from the request list and will post the pros needed to the website on the Friday before the tournament week.  A $1,500 skins game will be provided at each pro-am. The skins game is for Tour Members only.  Should the pro-am have less than 16 teams, then each player will be paid $100 for participating in the pro-am and No skins game will take place. Players will be allowed to miss a maximum of two (2) pro-am tournaments over the course of the year.  If a player needs to miss that week’s pro-am they need to notify the tour office by 5:00 PM on the Friday before the tournament week.

Junior Clinic

Most Junior Clinics are held Monday or Tuesday afternoon.  Each clinic will need 5-10 professionals to conduct.  APT memebers are asked to volunteer for clinics each week. Clinic information will be posted on the trailer message board and the tournaments Schedule of Events.

NOTE:  Every Adams Pro Tour member is required to help with two clinics a season. It is the responsibility of every player to attend the clinic for which they volunteer or find a replacement.  Players failing to attend are subject to discipline by the Tour Director and will be chosen for future clinics.  In addition to these participants, professionals playing in or near their hometown are expected to participate in the junior clinic.  It is very important for local players to represent the Adams Pro Tour and give back to the local community which supports them.

Driving Range

Range hours will vary at each site and will be posted on the trailer message board.  The range may also be temporarily closed during the day for additional picking and special events.   As daylight permits, the range may remain open later during some events.  Players must cooperate with the closing hours of the range so that the balls may be picked, cleaned, and readied for the next day.  A fine will be incurred if a player does not comply with the facility or tournament staff concerning the temporary closing of the range.

NOTE:  Due to the restricted nature of some facilities, the length and width of the range may dictate the use of irons only or small number of hitting stations.

Course Markings

The tournament course will be marked by the tour staff prior to the event.  In addition to the normal course markings, the staff will place a small dot on the front and back of each green to define the green depth.  On all par 3's, the yardage will be marked on the back of any tee box that may be used during tournament play.  This number represents the distance from the line on the back of the tee box to the dot on the front of the green.

As an additional convenience, fairway dots are used as yardage markers.  Please note, weather conditions may force the staff to focus on other parts of the course preparation and may be excluded.  Yardages are to the front of each green:

  • Yellow (250), Blue (200), White (150), Red (100) and Yellow/Red (75).


Immediately after completion of a round, the players are to bring their scorecards to the scoring tent, check them, and return them to the scoring volunteers.  Once the player has turned in his scorecard and left the boundary of the scoring area, the scorecard is considered returned.

During the round, at specific scoring checkpoints, the player may be asked for his scorecard by a tour official or volunteer in order to update the on-course leader boards.   These requests will be made as unobtrusively as possible, and the cooperation by the player is required and greatly appreciated.

Scoring checkpoints are generally as follows:

  • Round 1 & 2 - 1 & 10 Tees
  • Round 3 & 4 - 1, 7, 10, 13, & 15 Tees

Caddie Regulations

Players are encouraged to employ caddies for all practice, pro-am, and tournament rounds. Golf carts may occasionally be authorized by the tour due to the host course terrain.  Should carts be used, caddies may have to walk.

A player may bring his own caddie or hire a local caddie, if available.  Local caddies shall be paid promptly.  The fee is to be resolved early in the week between the player and caddie.  A good rule of thumb is $40 per round. Players shall be responsible for the conduct and behavior of their caddies at tournaments.  The following shall be adhered to in all tour tournaments:

  • Players are responsible for calling host courses for the availability of local caddies.
  • Caddies MUST wear a tour supplied caddie bib during each tournament round
  • Caddies may NOT use pull/push carts during tournament play - No Exceptions
  • Caddies may not wear jeans or cutoffs.  Hemmed shorts, skirts, and capris are permitted.
  • Caddies must wear a collared shirt at all times.
  • Caddies shall wear smooth rubber-soled shoes preferably tennis or basketball shoes.  Golf spikes and flip flops are prohibited.
  • Caddies shall assist in maintaining the course by REPLACING DIVOTS AND RAKING BUNKERS as soon as possible after their players have played.
  • Caddies shall not hit shots or putts anywhere on the practice areas or course except in specially approved competitions.

For any violation of these regulations which affect play, a fine will be levied against the player of the caddie.

Golf Carts - Disabled Family Members

While we will make every effort to accommodate disabled family members who need golf carts, we remind the players that additional golf carts on site at tournaments create numerous logistical concerns.  As such, we have worked closely with tournament organizations to reduce the overall number of carts used during each tournament week. The following policy shall be applicable for members seeking to obtain the use of a golf cart for a disabled family member:

  • The request for the use of the cart must be made by the tour member and must indicate the name of the person, the nature of the disability, and if requested by the tour, provide medical reports or other data indicating the extent and nature of the disability.
  • A request must be made for each individual tournament and must be made no later than the Tuesday of the tournament week.
  • Carts will be made available only to family members who have a disability that prevents them from walking along with their players.  The Tour Director's decision shall be final.

If a cart is issued to the family member, the following rules relating to the use of the cart shall apply:

  • Cart use shall remain on paths at all times.
  • Carts will NOT be permitted in designated practice areas (e.g., range, putting green, etc.) at any time.
  • If in the Tour Director's opinion, use of the cart could potentially damage the playing surface of the golf course (e.g., due to wet course conditions), the Tour Director shall have the right to deny the use of the cart.




With the exception of caddies, all spectators need to stay out of the fairways and off of greens and tees during play. It is ok to gather near tee and greens to watch, but we ask that they stay on the cart paths or rough while walking the course.



We appreciate the membership's cooperation with these policies.  We believe they strike the appropriate balance between the membership's need to accommodate their disabled family members while, at the same time, not unfairly hindering play by other members and endangering the safety of spectators and other tournament sites.